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What we do


The British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) is a healthcare charity giving medical advice to people working and studying in the performing arts. BAPAM help you overcome (and preferably avoid) work-related health problems, and we are dedicated to sharing knowledge about healthy practice.

  • Free clinics
    BAPAM’s expert clinicians understand the demands of a performing arts career and give free medical advice about problems including playing-related injuries and pain, tension, hypermobility, voice problems, performance anxiety and stress. BAPAM clinicians are from a range of backgrounds including general practice, physiotherapy, osteopathy, rheumatology, and orthopaedics. Find out more about free BAPAM clinics.
  • Resources
    BAPAM’s free information resources help people working in the arts care for their health and perform at their peak. BAPAM Factsheets are ideal for teachers, students and performers and include advice about preparing for performance, from physical warm-ups to psychological self-care, coping with anxiety and challenging working conditions, caring for your voice, hearing, taking care of nutrition and alcohol consumption. All of these resources are available to download for free.
  • Directory of practitioners
    We maintain a Directory of practitioners with expertise in performing arts health care. Practitioners listed on the Directory are appropriately insured, qualified and attend specialist training events. Often practitioners on the Directory offer reduced rates to BAPAM-registered clients. Find a health practitioner.
  • Healthy Performance Events and Training
    Our adaptable training events for performers, educators and students, employers and other organisations focus on essential skills for healthy practice and optimal performance throughout a demanding career. Sessions can be tailored to cover the most relevant topics in each setting and include health & wellbeing for performers, injury prevention, ergonomics, good technique, vocal health, stress management and overcoming performance anxiety. Book a training event.

    We also regularly organise educational events open to all – more information can be found on our News page and social media.
  • Performing Arts Medicine training for health professionals
    Training and professional development for health care practitioners and others engaged in performing arts support and welfare.
  • Research
    We support research into all aspects of health and wellbeing in the performing arts.

*Who we are