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What we do and who we are


Imogen Cooper
Sir Mark Elder
Dame Evelyn Glennie
Sir Simon Rattle
Sheila Reid
Zeb Soanes
Dame Janet Suzman
Sir Willard White


Richard Price

Margaret Bowler

Dr Penny Wright (Honorary Medical Director)
Dr Michael Shipley
Dr Jonathan White
Mr Ian Winspur
Peter Leathem (PPL)
Diane Widdison (Musicians' Union)
Professor Aaron Williamon (Royal College of Music)
Matt Hood (Equity)

Find out more about our Board of Trustees

Medical Committee

Dr Penny Wright (Chair)
Dr Frances Carter
Prof. Dane Chalfin
Dr Carol Chapman
Dr David Fielding
Dr Jenny Lisle
Dr Anita Nathan
Dr Mike Shipley
Dr Hara Trouli
Sarah Upjohn
Dr Jonathan White



Paid staff

Claire Cordeaux - Director
Clare Jackson - Office and Clinics Manager
Dan Hayhurst - Information Officer
Tulika Pandey - Administrative Assistant

London clinics

Dr Frances Carter (General Practitioner)
Dr Anita Nathan (General Practitioner)
Dr Miranda Godfrey (General Practitioner)
Dr Shareen Chua (General Practitioner)
Dr Gordon Le Roux (General Practitioner)
Mr Mark Phillips (Consultant Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon)
Dr Michael Shipley (Consultant Rheumatologist)
Dr Patricia Woo (Consultant Rheumatologist)
Jill Guymer (Chartered Physiotherapist)
Drusilla Redman (Chartered Physiotherapist)
Sarah Upjohn (Chartered Physiotherapist)
Louise Curley (Chartered Physiotherapist)
Dr Hara Trouli (Musculoskeletal Physician)
Michael Mehta (Osteopath)

Regional Clinicians:




Dr Patricia Halliwell (General Practitioner)







Virginia Whiteley (Chartered Physiotherapist)




Dr Lynne Bloxham (General Practitioner)







2007– Registered Charity No. 1167785
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