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Photography credits

Dancer Photograph © Waheed Khalid

Street entertainer Photograph © Juliet

Conductor Photograph © Jana Hettler

Singer Photograph © Michael Fuentes

Ballet dancer Photograph © Thierry Jayet

Violinist Photograph © Alton Thompson

Juggling with flames Photograph © Nancy Paiva

Drummer Photograph © Drop Alive

Dancer Photograph © Ross Todd Kerr

Fiddle player Photograph © Bryan Ledgard

Dancers Photograph © Waheed Khalid

Northern Broadside Theatre Company Photograph © Nobby Clark

Cellist Photograph © Nana Kofi Acquah

Sword eater Photograph Kenny Maths

Street performer Photograph © Kenny Maths

Guitarists Photograph © Bryan Ledgard

Flautist Photograph © DeaAKAGossamer

Lip Service theatre company Photograph © Doug Currie

Dancer Photograph © Waheed Khalid

Pianist Photograph © Catherine Loh

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