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BAPAM is a Registered Charity no: 1083295.

All the practitioners on the searchable database have been approved by the Medical Committee. This means they have satisfied the Committee as to their interest and experience in working with performing artists, their qualifications and professional memberships have been verified, and are then checked annually by BAPAM staff. BAPAM also makes an annual check that practitioners' professional indemnity insurance is maintained up to date.

Note that a practitioner's inclusion on the Directory does not include a recommendation from BAPAM.

Information in our resources area has been written or reviewed by our clinical specialists. These resources are intended for general use only and are not intended to replace medical advice from a GP or other health professional. BAPAM does not recommend or endorse any specific treatment or therapy, but our information is based on the combined expertise of more than a dozen specialists.

BAPAM collects and processes all personal information in line with the eight principles of the Data Protection Act 1988.

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