Activity and Feedback Report 2016

BAPAM is committed to transparency in our policies and activities. Our service monitoring and feedback procedures are essential in ensuring we continue to provide a safe, evidence-based, effective, and data-secure health care service and we report this data annually.

Our full service data for 2016 is published here:

BAPAM Activity and Feedback Report 2016

Providing health advice to performers through one-to-one clinical consultations is BAPAM’s core activity.

The data in this report relates to our clinical activity for 2016 i.e. all registrations and free appointments offered in BAPAM clinics nationally.

The information has been compiled from 2 main sources and reported as follows:

BAPAM patient registration database (Microsoft Dynamics CRM): demographic and appointments data – primarily for new patients. These data are collected via telephone.

Anonymous patient feedback (Survey Monkey web surveys): collected from new patients attending their first free assessment with each clinician they see during their contact with BAPAM. Additional anonymous followup information is also collected, and details are summarised in the report.

Additional reports about ‘Musicians – only’ activity, Education and Training activity, AMABO doctors’ activity, etc are available on request.

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