BAPAM Counselling and Psychotherapy Services Survey

Dr Carol Chapman is a counselling psychologist and performance coach, and works as a BAPAM practitioner. Dr Chapman has recently taken the lead on our research into psychological and mental health issues affecting performing artists and the development of appropriate services and treatments for this special group.

Dr Chapman is currently conducting a survey of the amount, scope and treatment modalities currently being employed by counselling and psychotherapy practitioners on the BAPAM Directory. We are also interested to hear from practitioners who are not currently associated with BAPAM.

Practitioners are being asked to complete a brief, anonymous questionnaire covering details of professional practice, experience with performing artists, and views and needs regarding specialist support, as well as basic demographic information. The survey will help us identify practitioners’ needs and enable us to develop new and exciting networks, training and resources for specialist work in this field.

If you think the survey is relevant to you but have not yet completed a questionnaire, please download the survey form and return it to us at:

BAPAM, FREEPOST NAT 18607, London WC1X 8BR, or contact Dr Chapman at for more information.

Thanks for your help!

download the survey form here

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