Research – The Body Politics of Acting

Working actors: what is your relationship and attitude towards your body?

Actors use their bodies as a vital part of their craft. Most of the time, their job involves being seen by their audience. Roanna Mitchell’s research into the body politics of acting investigates how business, craft and identity rub up against one another in the actor’s experience. It asks what the consequences are, for the way actors perceive and treat their bodies, and for the range of bodies we see represented in the performance industry.

This research is seeking a broad range of responses from working actors of all ages, abilities, ethnicity and gender-definitions, to get a sense of the range of experiences of actors working in the UK performance industry.

Please add your own views and experiences as an actor by completing this (anonymous) survey, open until 9th November 2012:

(Informed consent and background to the research are provided if you click on the link)

For further information on Roanna Mitchell and the context of her research, please go to

Note: This research project is not being conducted by BAPAM. The project has official ethics approval from the University of Kent. 

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