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New BAPAM Clinics

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

We now hold free Performing Arts Medicine clinics in London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Cardiff and Leeds. 

If you make a proportion of your living from, or study in the performing arts, and have a health problem related to your work, we can help you.

Our clinicians are experienced at dealing with the problems performing arts workers frequently face, and can help with an accurate diagnosis and advice including identifying efficient care pathways, both in the NHS and from other specialist individuals and services. The BAPAM team can also advise about the availability of financial support for people experiencing health problems affecting their ability to work or study.

To make an appointment, give us a call on 020 7404 8444.

BAPAM Physiotherapist Supports Team GB at World Games

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

The 2017 World Games commence in Wroclaw, Poland on July 20th, and we wish the very best of luck to the Team GB athletes and BAPAM physiotherapist, Louise Curley who returns to her role supporting gymnasts, acrobats and tumblers as the British Gymnastics Delegation Physiotherapist.

Here at BAPAM, Louise gives expert help to musicians, actors, dancers, circus and physical performers, providing free physiotherapy assessments and subsidised, affordable follow up sessions at our London clinic. She also runs her own practice Rejuven8 Physiotherapy in Warwickshire.

BAPAM Clinic in Glasgow to Close from March 2017

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Our Glasgow clinician, Dr Faith Gardner, who has been helping performers in Scotland at free BAPAM clinics since 2004, will be retiring later this month. We are very grateful to Faith for her expertise and the support she’s given us during this time, and we wish her all the best for the future.

BAPAM is in the midst of a review of our funding and national services provision. We are unable to recruit a replacement for Dr Gardner or make plans for our clinics beyond 2017 until discussions with key stakeholders have been completed, hopefully later this year. Our Glasgow clinic will therefore close from 14th March.

BAPAM clinics provide free, performing arts-specific medical advice, enabling people to make informed decisions and facilitating effective ongoing care. Dr Gardner worked with us in developing a network of colleagues in Scotland, and building relationships with local institutions including educators, orchestras, unions and employers, as well as individual performers. The clinic has been held for many years at Scottish Opera’s Technical Centre and we are grateful for their essential support. If in future we are able to re-open a clinic in Scotland, we hope to work collaboratively and build on our experience to develop an effective, sustainable service, accessible to all performing arts professionals and students.

Information about performing arts health support services and advice is available from the BAPAM team and website.

New Location for our London Clinics

Friday, March 4th, 2016

BAPAM’s London clinic has re-opened following our move. Free sessions now take place on Tuesdays and Fridays at the South Camden Centre for Health in Euston, a modern and very well-equipped NHS facility.

We help all performing arts professionals & students with work and study related health problems.

Find out about our free performing arts medicine clinics

BAPAM is Moving

Friday, November 13th, 2015

New Address: BAPAM, 31 Southampton Row, Holborn, London, WC1B 5HJ

To patients, staff, volunteers, funders and supporters of BAPAM.

BAPAM has been located at 34 Gray’s Inn Road for around ten years in premises that have proved convenient for patients, volunteer clinicians, staff and other stakeholders in the charity.

But, alas, we have to move. In January 2016 our lease expires. Our landlord has asked for rent of more than double the current level. Additionally, any new tenancy elsewhere would require us to enter into a lease of several years duration. It is currently uncertain whether BAPAM’s funding beyond 2016 will be sufficient for us to sign such a lease.

In early 2016 we will move our administration into smaller but non-permanent premises. We believe we will be able to locate separate consulting rooms which can be used by our clinicians during those times when they are most needed. Splitting the locations of our administration and our clinical consulting is not ideal, but is the most realistic option in view of the constraints that are described above.

We have consulted various BAPAM stakeholders including, of course, our staff, and we are grateful that they are ready to make things work as well as possible for the charity as we undertake these changes.

We are determined to continue the committed service we offer to those many performing artists and other professionals and students in the industry who come to us for help but it is realistic to point out that over the next few months we will not be able to provide clinical services at the same level as at present, and we ask for everyone’s understanding. The London clinic will be closed from December 2015 to March 2016.

We hope that the arrangements we now make for 2016 will be temporary and that we will in future be able to secure a new permanent home, even if not as centrally located as at present, but one that is appropriate for the thousands of performing artists who turn to us, and for our volunteer clinicians.

BAPAM provides, of course, much more than just those clinical services in London. It is our firm intention that those other strands of our work will continue uninterrupted.

BAPAM’s board of trustees asks for your understanding and, of course, for your continued support.

Richard Price, Chair of the BAPAM Board of Trustees

From 14 December 2015 our new address will be: BAPAM, 31 Southampton Row, Holborn. London, WC1B 5HJ.

Cambridge Clinics

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

Dr Patricia Halliwell, NHS GP and graduate of the UCL MSc in Performing Arts Medicine, holds our Cambridge clinic for all performing arts professionals and students with work-related health concerns. The clinic takes place monthly at West Road Concert Hall. Forthcoming dates are February 26 and March 19.

Please get in touch if you’d like a free appointment for specialist advice.

Clinics Update, January 2015

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

We’re delighted to welcome three new clinicians to our London team this year.

BAPAM gives free advice to those working or studying in the performing arts to help overcome work-related problems, both physical and psychological. Dr Anne Doherty, Consultant Psychiatrist, loves Opera and is a keen amateur musician. She is looking forward to applying her expertise to the psychological impact of performing and mental health issues affecting performance.

The performing arts can be a physically demanding industry to work in and our physiotherapy assessment service at the London clinic is always very busy. Our new physiotherapist, Sarah Upjohn, has been treating playing related injuries at The Purcell School for Young Musicians since 2008. Her doctoral research at the University of Cambridge involves developing an injury prevention, health promotion and performance wellness programme within the school. She is passionate and knowledgeable about injury prevention in instrumental musicians.

Dr Hara Trouli joins our team of medics, assessing work-related musculoskeletal problems. Hara has a background in orthopaedics, is a graduate of UCL’s Performing Arts Medicine MSc course, and a classically trained pianist. She is the Chair of ISSTIP, The International Society for the Study of Tension in Performance.

Activity and Feedback – January to June 2014

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

BAPAM is committed to excellence in providing care for performing arts professionals and students. Effective monitoring and feedback is vital to the delivery of our services. Our clinical activity also enables our development as a research hub in performing arts health and practice. Service data for the first 6 months of 2014 is now published.

The full report is available to read and download here.

The information has been compiled from 2 main sources:

1. BAPAM patient registration database demographic and appointments data.

2. Anonymous patient feedback (using Survey Monkey web surveys) collected from new patients attending their first free assessment at a BAPAM clinic.

Additional anonymous feedback information collected from our follow-up survey is also summarised.

New BAPAM Performing Arts Medicine Clinic in Cambridge

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Are you (or do you know) a performing arts professional or student with a work-related health problem?

Held monthly at West Road Concert Hall, one of the city’s premiere music venues, our new clinic in Cambridge is now taking bookings.

We’re delighted to be working with Dr Trish Halliwell, NHS GP and a graduate of the BAPAM/University College London MSc in Performing Arts Medicine.

BAPAM is a unique non-profit healthcare organisation supporting individual performing arts professionals and providing broader education and training. Our clinicians give free, confidential health advice focused on the unique challenges faced throughout a career in the performing arts, including during education and training. We help our patients manage their health and performance practice, including accessing appropriate care in their local NHS and referral to specialist practitioners.

Performing arts professionals work in a competitive, highly skilled and often poorly paid industry. Behind the scenes, the physical and psychological pressure can be tough, and many people experience health problems or injuries affecting their ability to work. Access to expert health advice and support can be crucial for long term wellbeing throughout such a demanding career.

Read more about our clinics here.

To register with BAPAM and book a free appointment please call our Helpline on 020 7404 8444.

Medical Committee Membership Confirmed

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Membership of the new Medical Committee has been confirmed. All members are current or former BAPAM clinicians with a wealth of experience in giving specialist medical advice to performing arts professionals.

The Committee oversees all aspects of our clinical work, including:

Clinical governance, quality assurance and safeguarding.

Clinical services provision and development.

Education and Training.

Research and dissemination of knowledge and good practice within Performing Arts Medicine.

The Committee Members are:

Dr Penny Wright (Chair)
Dr Frances Carter
Dr Sion Edwards
Dr David Fielding
Dr Marcus Lewis
Dr Jenny Lisle
Dr Anita Nathan
Dr Mike Shipley
Dr Jonathan White