Service Monitoring – How Are We Doing?

Our improved feedback reporting system is already providing valuable insights in the three months since its implementation. Since moving to an anonymous online feedback process, we’ve increased the response rate to 71% of attendees. A brief summary of some of our findings during October to December 2012 follows.

Over 80% of respondents rated our clinicians as excellent (5/5) in all three criteria – the quality of advice given by the clinician, their knowledge and expertise about the specific needs of performing artists, and their manner and attitude.

Looking at the possible outcomes of a BAPAM consultation, it is clear that the majority of clients leave with information about their condition and/or with advice about healthy performance and the ways they can help themselves to get better.

24% of clients were given information about NHS services. In those cases the BAPAM doctor writes to their NHS GP, outlining their findings and suggestions for treatment or referral. 6% of clients received information about and/or referral to a private healthcare service. 19% were referred to another practitioner at BAPAM (e.g. rheumatologist or physiotherapist). Interestingly then, less than a third of those consulting a BAPAM clinician were expected to require input from another health care provider.

One area we aim to improve in 2013 is the average waiting time for a BAPAM assessment. During this three month period 65% of our attendees were seen within 2 weeks of contacting us. Our target is to provide a consultation to every performer who needs one within 2 weeks.

In 2013 we will begin systematic monitoring of longer term outcomes, routinely contacting all clinic attendees 6 months post-consultation. We’re delighted about the positive responses received from people immediately following their BAPAM appointment. Now we want to obtain more detailed information about the impact BAPAM has on improving performing artists’ ability to overcome medical problems, and what happens in the months after they have consulted us.

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