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Current BAPAM supporters will have recently heard about the re-launch of our Friends Scheme.

Becoming a Friend of BAPAM is a great way to give a regular donation and help us keep the UK’s vibrant performing arts scene in good health.

Friends receive priority booking for BAPAM events such as fundraising concerts and performance workshops as well as our free online newsletters.

BAPAM is a unique non-profit organisation helping performing arts professionals and students overcome work-related health problems arising throughout the course of their career. We provide clinical assessments and information as well as educational programmes on healthy performance practice. Demand for our services is rising year on year.

Performing artists and technical crew are highly skilled but work in a competitive industry, often on low incomes and under immense physical and psychological pressure. Illness or injury can lead to stress, financial hardship and even the end of a promising career.

BAPAM receives no government funding. We are able to offer free and accessible services thanks to our dedicated clinicians, charitable grants, donations and gifts.


Individual membership is £50 per year payable annually by Cheque/CAF voucher or Standing Order.

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If you’d like to obtain a leaflet (or a supply of leaflets for distribution), they are available from the BAPAM office.


For more information about our current work, please read on:

BAPAM remains a unique non-profit healthcare organisation

For over 20 years, our aim has been to support performing arts professionals and students faced with an injury or health issue which affects their ability to work and perform. We continue to do this through one-to-one advice and clinical assessment services and through our national programme of education and training.

Changes at BAPAM

2012 and 2013 were eventful years for BAPAM. Naomi Wayne, our former Chief Executive, retired in July 2012 after seven years service. At the same time, we underwent an in-depth review by our main funders the Musicians Benevolent Fund (now Help Musicians UK). Deborah Charnock was appointed as Interim CEO to oversee a year-long review and improvement process, working alongside our skilled Clinics Team, Clare Hicks and Dan Hayhurst, and dedicated clinicians and Trustees.

The process was hugely successful, and at the end of 2013, we secured support from all our main funders to the end of 2016. Deborah was offered a permanent position, and BAPAM is enjoying buoyant activity and planning for the future.

Clinical Activity

Our clinics remain our core service and we have been very busy.  In our central London clinic, performers have access to clinicians from a range of healthcare backgrounds – including general practice, rheumatology, surgery, physiotherapy, psychology and vocal health. We also provide free assessments with specialist GPs at various locations around the UK.

During 2013, we registered 843 new patients and provided over 1,200 free consultations for performers and students including musicians, singers, composers, actors, dancers, crew, and technical staff. Many of our clinicians and practitioners also offer reduced rate follow-up care in our London clinic, and provided over 800 therapeutic appointments during 2013.

We also introduced an online feedback system which demonstrated the value of our services – over 95% of new patients rated all aspects of BAPAM’s advice and support as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.


Our knowledgeable Team provide advice and information to performers through our Helpline, website and social media. During 2013, our website visits increased by 70% to over 140,000 – mainly accessing our News page, clinics information, Directory, and free downloadable health resources.

Education and training

Through our Education and Training programme, we offer regular open-access performer health awareness events as well as bespoke services, all delivered by our skilled staff and clinicians. Hundreds of performers, teachers, students, and healthcare professionals attended our events during 2013, and we will be formally launching our practitioner-led Trainer Network later this year.

Our unique MSc in Performing Arts Medicine entered its third successful academic year in 2013 and is now fully supported by University College London. Several students and graduates have become involved in research and practice at BAPAM, and provided valuable contributions to the BAPAM Journal, which was re-launched last June.

Student Advocate Scheme

Following its successful establishment in Leeds, the Student Advocate Scheme was extended during 2013 and now includes Birmingham Conservatoire and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, with additional institutions in the pipeline.

Association of Medical Advisers to British Orchestras

The AMABO network of volunteer doctors continues to provide independent advice and support to orchestra members throughout the UK.


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