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Guitarists, are you interested in taking part in research into guitar support tools and the curvature of your spine while playing?

Postgraduate UCL student, Efthalia Paleokastriti, is looking for classical and acoustic guitarists for her study.

Efthalia believes that guitarists taking part will benefit from the insights gained: “You will have the opportunity to test your guitar playing using different support tools and you may decide which is better for you. Moreover, you may be more informed about the “right” posture of the body while holding the guitar and about ergonomic playing”.

Efthalia explains the project and how you can get involved:

Dear Guitarist,

I am investigating functional scoliosis in guitarists using different guitar support tools.

This involves a temporary change of spinal curvature caused by a provocative factor – in this case, playing the guitar.

I am looking for guitarists to participate in the research project. Specifically, classical or acoustic guitarists (who use a footstool or ergo play guitar support equipment) and who are professionals or experienced guitar players (3 years or more).

The research includes:

  1. answering an anonymous questionnaire (questions about guitar playing habits/pain occurrence/use of guitar support tools).
  2. arrangement of a meeting in which we will take photos of your back while you hold the guitar and use guitar tools.

Participating in this research will be beneficial for you because you will learn more about ergonomic playing and you will try different guitar support equipment.

Participation is voluntary and you can leave the research at any time. If you agree to participate in the study, you will be given a detailed information sheet and a consent form. If you have any queries about our project do not hesitate to contact me.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Please read the Information Sheet which includes a detailed description of the project.

And please complete and return the Anonymous Questionnaire – you can answer it even if you decide not to participate in the measurement part of the research.

Contact details: EFTHALIA PALAIOKASTRITI. Email:

Note: This research project is not being conducted by BAPAM. The project has official ethics approval from UCL (University College of London) and is covered by UCL’s  data protection protocol.

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