Music Mark: Playing Related Injuries in Elite Young Instrumental Musicians

Sarah Upjohn, specialist physiotherapist, Doctorate student (the only chartered physiotherapist ever to be offered a place to do a Doctorate at Cambridge, to our knowledge!), and BAPAM Directory member, has written a fascinating article for the UK Association for Music Education, Music Mark.

Sarah’s unique perspective on playing related injuries in elite young instrumental musicians, garnered through her experience working with students at the Purcell School and research she is conducting for her Cambridge University Doctorate enable her to discuss the types of injuries encountered and how they relate to instruments played, clearly identify risk factors for playing related injury and implications for instrumental teachers, and suggest targeted injury prevention strategies.

We see many young musicians in our clinics who have never been given adequate injury prevention advice. In particular, this can lead to serious problems for students entering higher education, with the required increase in playing time, lifestyle changes and other pressures. It’s an issue that Sarah is doing great work to address.

We are very grateful to Sarah and to Music Mark for granting us permission to share the article. It is available here in pdf format: Playing Related Injuries in Elite Young Musicians – a Physiotherapist’s Perspective

This article was originally published in Music Mark’s termly magazine, available to all their members. Music Mark represent and support 99% of all Music Services and over 12,000 instrumental and classroom music teachers, music tutors, assistants plus consultants, advisers, inspectors and lecturers in Initial Teacher Education. See more at:

We hope to feature updates on Sarah’s work in future issues of the BAPAM Journal.


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3 Responses to “Music Mark: Playing Related Injuries in Elite Young Instrumental Musicians”

  1. Valerie Langfield says:

    I’ve tried to get hold of a copy of _Making Music_ but Music Mark say it no longer has any copies. It seems a little surprising as the implication is that this is a recent article. If anyone knows how a copy _can_ be obtained, please would you post details.

  2. BAPAM says:

    Hi Valerie, with permission of the author and original publisher (Music Mark), we’ve updated our blog with a link to the article in pdf format.

  3. Valerie Langfield says:

    Excellent – many thanks to everyone for giving permission and making this possible. It’s a most useful paper – thanks above all to Sarah Upjohn. I shall be incorporating her findings and recommendations into my teaching.

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