Musicians’ Dystonia Research – Call for Participants

Are you a musician with focal hand dystonia?

An NHS team co-ordinated by Dr Mark Edwards (who is also Neurology Advisor to BAPAM) is conducting research into musicians’ dystonia. A number of exciting projects with the aims of better understanding this condition, and hopefully developing new treatments, are currently running.

The team are recruiting enthusiastic musicians for a retraining programme to help establish the most effective treatment strategy.  The studies will be conducted at the Institute of Neurology in Queen Square, London which is a leading UK establishment in dystonia research. The work is co-ordinated by Senior Lecturer Dr Mark J Edwards and two PhD students, Dr Anna Sadnicka and Dr Panagiotis Kassavetis. At this time the team is specifically recruiting musicians with dystonia affecting the hand.

If you have this form of dystonia and are interested in taking part in studies (or if you are healthy and wish to register as a healthy volunteer) or have further questions please contact: Dr Mark Edwards, Sobell Department, 33 Queen Square, UCL Institute of Neurology, London, WC1N 3BG.

Or email Dr Edwards via:

Note: BAPAM is not involved with organising or overseeing this project.

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