Performing Arts Medicine Videos: PAMI Conference

Here is a great archive of all the talks from the recent Performing Arts Medicine Conference in Galway, organised by PAMI. The first such event to be held in Ireland, the day featured BAPAM clinicians, Dr Mike Shipley and Dr Juliet Bressan; Osteopath and Performing Arts Medicine MSc lecturer, Jennie Morton; Vocal health adviser and PAM MSc Director, Ian MacDonald  and many more leading Performing Arts Medicine experts. A fantastic resource for all those interested in this fascinating medical specialism.

Hitting the Right Medical Notes – An article about the PAMI Conference by June Shannon for the Irish Times.

You can see all of the videos here


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4 Responses to “Performing Arts Medicine Videos: PAMI Conference”


    Excellent resource -I am currently devising research project on Musical Performance Anxiety at college and upper school level

  2. We arranged our first conference in Namsos, Norway called “the NUMI-conference” on November 1st and 2nd. A huge success which led to national media interest from all the biggest television companies and papers in the country. It was supported by almost all organisations and unions concerning artist and musicians. Is it possible to cooperate in some way or another with BAPAM and/or PAMI for our next conference in november 2013?

  3. BAPAM says:

    Hi Terje, thanks for contacting us. We’re really keen to foster links with international Performing Arts Medicine organisations and it would be great to discuss this further. We’ll contact you by email.

  4. BAPAM says:

    Hi Archie, you may like to have a look at our Research page:
    We’d certainly be interested to hear more about your project.

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