Student Advocate Scheme

Health Promotion in Universities

Leeds University music student, Naomi Norton, approached us in 2011 with her idea to maximise student performers’ chances of preventing performance-related health problems and gaining access to medical advice when needed. The Advocate is a student volunteer who, with support from BAPAM and university staff, acts as a co-ordinator working to mainstream healthy practice and facilitate access to resources. In Leeds over the past 2 years, some of the main benefits have been:

  1. Increased access to BAPAM clinical expertise for students with performance related health problems.
  2. Guest lectures and workshops on healthy performance, injury prevention, ‘first aid for musicians’ etc, given by performers, expert doctors, physiotherapists, Alexander Technique and Pilates teachers.
  3. Raised awareness of the Musicians Benevolent Fund Student Health Scheme
  4. Distribution of BAPAM health resources at ensemble rehearsals and in fresher packs.
  5. Health posters displayed in every practice room in the department.

Check here for more information via the Leeds University Union Music Society. We’re currently working on implementing the scheme at Birmingham Conservatoire, and during 2013 we’ll be looking at ways to expand it in more universities.

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