Telephone Survey

Between September and December we will be conducting a telephone survey of a random sample of performers who visited BAPAM’s London clinic earlier in the year.

The aim of the survey is to learn about performers’ experiences at the clinic and in the months afterwards, and whether or not visiting BAPAM has been helpful. We hope the survey will enable us to assess BAPAM’s services, highlight any aspects that we may need to improve, and provide a broad understanding of the most effective treatment and care for performers’ health problems. The survey results will also help us design a routine follow-up questionnaire for all performers visiting BAPAM in future.

Participation is voluntary.

The survey is being co-ordinated by BAPAM’s Dan Hayhurst and Dr Deborah Charnock, a Trustee and Chair of BAPAM’s research group. Deborah will be conducting the interviews: she is an experienced researcher and has developed BAPAM’s Research Policy, and will ensure that any information you provide is kept strictly confidential and is anonymised in any analysis and report arising from the survey.

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