Ten Top Health Tips for Musicians

Want to know how to help keep yourself healthy whether studying, rehearsing for a gig, or performing?

These tips are taken from the BAPAM factsheet, Don’t cramp your style – Warm-up exercises for performers, also available as an A2 poster or pocket-sized concertina version. To order printed versions have a look at our Health Resources page, where you’ll also find a lot more useful information for all performing artists. All our factsheets are produced with financial support from Help Musicians UK, the Musicians’ Union and Equity.

Ten Top Health Tips for Musicians:

1. Don’t suddenly increase the time you spend rehearsing or studying (maximum 10-minute increase per day). You should increase by ten minutes each day for three days and keep at this level for the rest of the week.

2. Leave more difficult passages and pieces for towards the middle of your practice session, when your muscles are ready and not yet tired out. Increase the speed, difficulty and intensity of the pieces you are playing as you progress though the session.

3. Don’t become obsessed with repeating a passage or gesture that you can’t quite get right. Look for alternatives.

4. Take a five-minute break every half-hour.

5. If your muscles feel overloaded, do some stretching.

6. Do as much as you can to optimise your working environment: think about lighting, noise levels, temperature. Make sure your daily routine – eating, sleeping, exercise – works for you.

7. Don’t play at the time of day when you’re most tired.

8. NEVER play if you are experiencing pain. If you feel any pain, stop playing and do some gentle stretching. If such pain does not go away or if it reappears in subsequent sessions, see a specialist in Performing Arts Medicine.

9. Do exercises to stretch your muscles before playing and whenever you feel like or need it.

10. Make sure you find time for warming up and stretching. You know you will enjoy it and it will make you feel great!

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