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*Click here for information about the Performing Arts Medicine MSc course at UCL

BAPAM connects performing arts professionals and the specialists and practitioners who have the expertise and experience to advise and treat them.  We rely on services provided by health care professionals who have a passion for the performing arts and we want to hear from you!

BAPAM Training Days provide an in-depth look at some of the key areas of performing arts medicine and unique insights into aspects of health and wellbeing throughout the performing arts. Our Induction Days, free for practitioners who have just joined the Directory, introduce the work that BAPAM does and cover some essential performing arts medicine basics. Our events are also a superb opportunity to build networks with peers in this fascinating area of health care.

The BAPAM Directory lists information about clinical specialists, GPs and other health practitioners working with performing arts professionals and students.

In addition, we are always on the lookout for clinicians to see performing artists at BAPAM assessment clinics around the UK.

*Is there a doctor in the house? BMJ Careers Focus, November 2007

Interested? Here’s what some of the people working with BAPAM say about us:

*Why I work as medical advisor to the Hallé Orchestra - Dr Bill Tamkin, Pulse magazine January 2008

*Fascinating. It’s great to have extra time with patients and see them with their instruments. They’re a highly motivated group and always keen to understand their problem. You feel like you can make a difference. Working with colleagues from other disciplines is not only a valuable learning experience, it’s also great fun! Read Dr David Fielding’s story

*I enjoy the variety of problems our clients consult us for – and the wide range of clients from trapeze artists to dervish flute players. I specially value having so many specialists I can refer patients to. I had no idea there were so many people who could offer such effective help. Retired consultant who volunteers for BAPAM as a general physician

*The overriding issue is preventing injuries. So few performers and practically no students are warming up, cooling down, taking regular breaks, practising scientifically and achieving and maintaining physical fitness. Consultant Rheumatologist to BAPAM