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Real life stories


BAPAM’s Manchester GP David Fielding keeps on learning about musicians’ health problems

How a freelance musician is learning to say 'no': Rebecca's story

How being brave and thinking laterally are good for an artist's longevity: Akbar's story

Keep in good health when you're young and you can have a long career in music: Mike's story

Why performers need a specialist service: a guitarist's story

Mark Thistlewood and Simon Chiswell ride over the Alps in aid of BAPAM

*‘I had always been aware that unsuccessful auditions are a factor in every actor’s life, but it was affecting me more than usual and I didn’t know why. Since using the counselling service at BAPAM I have been able to cope with the inevitable setbacks that are very much part of this industry.’ PA, Dartington

*‘Nobody else had seemed to understand that this is my livelihood, and what seemed like a minor inconvenience to them was earth shattering to me. Thank you for listening and taking me seriously.’ ML, Kent

*‘It’s reassuring to know there’s somewhere to go with sympathetic people who understand the needs of performers.’ BH, Guildford

*‘Suffering from performance anxiety had robbed me of any pleasure from performing. Although I cannot say that it has totally disappeared, I am getting there and enjoying myself once again. Seeing a BAPAM counsellor who understands the arts has been central to me getting back on my feet.’ BA, Northampton

*‘I thought I was helping my playing by practising as much as I could, I have now learnt to make my practice time more constructive and have more time for the rest of my life.’ DM, Bethnal Green

*‘30 minutes with a GP! I could talk through my situation thoroughly and really felt that my opinion counted. ’ SJ, Derby

*‘I for one need as much moral support as physical treatment, so I found it immensely important to speak with a medical practitioner who knew about musicians, how obsessive they can be, and who liked music as much as me.’ SJ, Salisbury, Wiltshire

*‘I fell on stage seven years ago and my back never recovered. BAPAM's physio was the first person to come up with practical ways of helping me.’ Actor, West Country

*‘My career would have been over if someone hadn’t told me about BAPAM. Playing was becoming impossible – I was in such pain. The hand therapist I saw at BAPAM showed me how to alter my technique, which changed my life! It helped that she was a musician too – it was like talking to a colleague.’ Tenor sax player, Kent