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Teachers: What BAPAM can do for you


If your student has a performance related injury or illness, you could suggest they (or a parent or guardian) get in touch with us to arrange a free BAPAM clinic appointment on 020 7404 8444. More information about free BAPAM clinics.

Whether you are teaching a pupil from scratch or fine-tuning a more advanced student’s technique, we hope you will find something useful in our resources area. View our healthy performance Factsheets – and tell your students too.

Focusing on performing arts health, injury prevention and performance enhancement, BAPAM's Trainer Network is on hand to deliver training talks and workshops. Adaptable to a wide range of settings, these sessions are ideal for teachers and educational institutions. Find out more about our Trainer Network.

Teachers at all levels and in all disciplines are welcome to attend our Performing Arts Medicine Training Days. The programmes are a mixture of the technical and the practical, and you are sure to find information that will be useful in your teaching practice. See our training and professional development area for more information.