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Volunteer Opportunities

Most of BAPAM’s services are provided by volunteers, and there are many ways you can get involved. Get in touch! Call us on 020 7404 5888 or email

  • Clinics: If you are a medical doctor (in particular, a GP, sports medicine specialist, occupational health doctor, rheumatologist or orthopaedic surgeon) or a physiotherapist, you may want to run a BAPAM clinic.
  • Orchestra Doctor: Medical doctors can have their ‘own’ orchestra to look after by becoming an AMABO doctor (Association of Medical Advisors to British Orchestras)
  • Fundraising: Organise a fundraising event in support of BAPAM If you are a keen fundraiser or events organiser, we are always happy for you to help us generate income!
  • Marketing: Can you help us get our message out to performing arts and health professionals? If you have marketing or PR experience, we can put your skills to good use.
  • Performers: Want to arrange a gig or event in aid of BAPAM? How else can performers help BAPAM? Tell your friends about us! Most people find out about us from a friend or colleague, and we can provide leaflets, healthy practice resources, posters and other material suitable for display in colleges, venues, rehearsal spaces etc.